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The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation w/ davidji

In every moment, you have the ability to make the most brilliant choice – the one that will align you with the Universe; the one that will take your life to the next level; the one that will awaken the magnificence that rests at your very core. Yes, you have sacred powers of transformation resting deep within. Not simply the power to change – (although change might seem really refreshing right now) – but to truly transform your life to a place of deep fulfillment. Change is different than transformation. You can change the channel; you can change your hair color – whatever you change, you can always change back. But with transformation, there’s no going back.

During your time with davidji you will learn to:

  • Explore the sacred powers waiting to be awakened within you;
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment;
  • Let go of what no longer serves you, and embrace what does;
  • Learn to move beyond the confines of conditioned behavior;
  • Re-set, re-calibrate, and re-invent our dream life;
  • Open our hearts to the truth of our magnificence!!!

Requirements: All you need is to show up with an open heart.

Price: $50 

Earlier Event: March 18
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Later Event: March 31
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