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Soundbath with Michelle Berc & Skye Ray

Join Michelle Berc and Skye Ray for an evening of nurturing sound and vibration. The Sound Healing Journey includes light breath work with vocal toning leading into a live performance of healing sounds and frequencies tuned to 432hz – a natural frequency found in nature and sacred geometry. Escape into a sonic universe created by Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Drums & Percussion, Gongs, Tuning Forks, and other rare instruments.

Soul Hum comfortably accommodates 20 guests. Our intimate sound meditation experience includes meditation cushions, blankets, and eye pillows for all attendees so all you need to do is bring yourself and your intentions for the healing session.

– Emotional Balance
– A Clear Mind with Increased Focus
– Feel Lighter in Your Body
– Deeper and Restful Sleep
– Stress Relief
– Harmony and Flow
– Deep Relaxation when other Meditation Techniques Fail

Prepare for your experience:

– Dress in layers so you are able to adjust your body temperature
– Eat a full meal 2 hours before or a light snack if closer to the workshop start time
– Many like to bring Crystals and a bottle of drinking water to be cleared and amplified by the powerful tones produced by the crystal bowls

Early Bird: $40
Day Of: $45