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Reiki Sound Bath Rejuvenation w/ Shane Thunder & Steven Todd Smith

Gift yourself the opportunity to lie back and completely receive the restorative healing energies of Reiki from Steven Todd Smith and the resonating vibrations of 432hz Crystal Gemstone and Tibetan Singing Bowls from Shane Thunder, as you begin to free yourself from physical, mental, and emotional stress and tension.


  • Find a greater sense of grounding, centering, emotional balance from supported stillness
  • Release stress & tension naturally
  • Experience heightened mental clarity, sharper focus, activated internal energy in a controlled way
  • Go spiritually deeper within, connecting more strongly to yourself, others, God, Source, etc.
  • Leave the Reiki Sound Bath from a place of ease, of flowing Zen

This workshop is suitable for everybody. Participants will be sitting/lying down for the majority of the workshop time, supported and comforted by both props and the featured healing modalities; some light hands-on touch may be used (blankets, yoga mats, pillows/blosters will be helpful for lying down on, placing underneath the body, covering during Reiki Sound Bath).

Price: $45

Later Event: February 23
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