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Becoming Your Own Healer w/ Jennifer Schaefer

Jennifer Schaefer is an intuitive healer that teaches her philosophy that, “You are your own healer.” Her purpose is teaching self empowerment from clearing the Emotional and Spiritual bodies of thoughts and feelings that keep us “stagnant,” causing dis-ease in our Physical body. When she teaches in a group setting, she is able to easily breakdown the three bodies (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual) for a deeper understanding of how they work in unison to create healing.  

Here are a few examples of the tools she teaches:

  • Learning to connect to your “body feedback loop” that allows you to connect to your truth, not live in your past story.
  • Discovering how to use the “art of journaling” to connect to your wise-self within.
  • The importance of handwriting Affirmations and how this changes neural pathways to support new beliefs and thoughts.
  • Learning clean eating and how toxins affect your emotions and physical vitality

Jennifer’s background:

Jennifer Schaefer has studied human behavior for over 16 years. Her philosophy to deep transformational healing is aligning your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Bodies -- meaning you must treat the "whole" being to have lasting health. Her background studies include nutrition, whole food supplements, anatomy, toxins, spiritual science, muscle testing, threading (intuitive connection), guided imagery, deep relaxation, and NLP. She has built a diverse and loyal client base that includes high profile celebrities, professional athletes, musicians and on-air personalities. She has created “Spiritual Awakening Retreats” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Bali, Indonesia; and Joshua Tree, CA.

PRICE: $200

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