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Intro to Tarot Workshop w/ Alicia Lipinski

There are a lot of myths and misperceptions around the practice of Tarot. At its essence, the Tarot is quite simply a metaphor for the human experience. Each card that we pull is a symbol that offers us insight into who we are and what we are needing at this particular point in our journey. We might pull the Magician card when we are in the process of creating something new, the Hermit when we are being asked to step out of our shell and brightly shine our light into the world, or the Death card when something has reached a symbolic ending in our life.

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of reading Tarot cards and explore their meaning and relevance in the modern world. We will be focusing on the Major Arcana, the first 21 cards in the Tarot deck, which directly correspond to the stages of our life's journey. You will be guided to tap into your own intuition to connect to the themes and messages within the cards in a very personal way.

Price: $40